Be careful, if you have a chicken coop in your garden, eat your chickens’ eggs Probably not a good idea. The Île-de-France Regional Health Agency (ARS) is warning following a new study which reveals the presence of several pollutants dangerous to health. More than 90% of eggs analyzed are non-compliant.

This alert concerns residents of Paris and the inner suburbs: 410 municipalities in total. The list is on the health agency’s website. Eggs should not be consumed, especially by pregnant women, lactating women and children. This only concerns private henhouses. All eggs from farms and found in stores present no risk, there are systematic checks.

The investigation only concerns Île-de-France, but the pollution finds its origins in post-war industrial methods. Since twenty years, they are framed, but the soil remains poisoned with dioxin which is carcinogenic. This could in fact concern all urban areas formerly populated by factories, according to Doctor Luc Ginot of the ARS of Île-de-France. “Even if each region still has its industrial history, even if each region has a dominant pollution compared to the others, the industries are not necessarily historically the same in all the regions of the metropolis… But indeed, the problems we pose are problems that arise elsewhere and which also explain that national agencies, for example ANSES, are today looking into all these subjects,” he explains.

So if you have a chicken coop in an urban area, don’t eat the eggs, or at worst, you have to feed your chickens on impermeable ground, preventing them from pecking at the dirt and earthworms.

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