The best exercise to take care of your body and mind is also the most fun

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The best exercise to take care of your body and mind is also the most fun

We have already talked about the many benefits of swimming, but it is not the only exercise considered the best for taking care of the body and mind. Experts also have their preferences which are supported by science. It’s always better, eh? And since not everyone likes swimming or has a swimming pool nearby, there is another type of training that can improve your daily life, and which can be done really anywhere and without specific equipment.

Do you want to dance? As psychotherapist F. Diane Barth explains, dance can “promote emotional and physical healing,” which has been confirmed by scientific studies. For example, one study showed that practicing tango for an hour and a half per week could significantly reduce depression. Moving to the rhythm of music promotes greater “physical, social, emotional and cognitive” connection, and we can notice it quickly.

However, as Barth explains, the benefits of dance aren’t limited to ballroom dancing or attending classes. Any type of movement is good for the body and mind: taking Zumba classes, following choreographies on the computer, creating your own choreographies to your favorite songs, and even jumping or gesticulating in your living room is good .

Dancing is the best exercise to take care of the body and mind because its regular practice allows the development of muscles and bones, reduces fat, increases aerobic capacity, lowers blood pressure and improves the ratio between good and bad cholesterol, according to Harvard. In other words, just like any other type of sport.

As the psychologist says, one of the reasons why many people refuse to practice this exercise is embarrassment. And ok, that can be understood. But, the great thing about dancing is that you can practice it your way, at home, at the time and with the intensity you want… As long as you are consistent and have fun, you will notice advantages. And who knows, you might end up signing up for classes with other people and meeting new people.

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