The Callisto Protocol offers a new dark trailer


The Callisto Protocol offers a new dark trailer

The new horrific game from the creator of Dead Space (Glen Schofield) – which was notably talked about in bad terms at the beginning of September – is coming back to players with a trailer. And once again, with this new communication, the horrific adventure seems promising.

Black Iron reveals itself

Waited for the December 3, 2022, The Callisto Protocol offers a new view of what it will offer. But here, it’s not the gameplay that is highlighted, as was the case during gamescom, for example.

No, the video released today draws attention to the universe and the dangers that await our protagonist Jacob Lee in Black Iron, the prison based on Callisto (Jupiter’s moon) in which he will evolve and where very terrible secrets are obviously hidden. It’s creepy, tense and, of course, bloody, things we’ve been used to since it revealed itself last June.

Currently in preorder, The Callisto Protocol will, upon its release, be offered on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC. And if some were hoping for a possible arrival in the Game Pass, it seems that they have to give up on it, as explained above. Now it is to be seen.

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