the chairman of the Assembly’s foreign affairs committee echoes the expression “ethnic cleansing” used by the former French ambassador to Israel

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the chairman of the Assembly’s foreign affairs committee echoes the expression “ethnic cleansing” used by the former French ambassador to Israel

A former French ambassador described Israeli behavior in the West Bank as “ethnic cleansing.” This observation “seems completely correct” to MP Jean-Louis Bourlanges, invited on Saturday November 18 on France Inter.

Jean-Louis Bourlanges, MoDem deputy for Hauts-de-Seine and chairman of the foreign affairs committee of the National Assembly, took up the expression of “ethnic cleansing” » used by Gérard Araud, former French ambassador to Israel, during his hearing on Wednesday before the Foreign Affairs Committee to qualify Israeli policy. The diplomat said that a “retail ethnic cleansing” was underway in the West Bank. “That seems pretty fair to me. »believes Jean-Louis Bourlanges.

“It is a policy which, in fact, aims to drive Palestinian farmers and peasants from their land, with complicity often very badly felt by IDF soldiers and a sort of semi-public settler organization, which is something very, very unhealthy. “ , estimated the MoDem deputy. The elected official denounced “the settlement of the Palestinian question through the void”. According to him, if the Jewish state’s approach is to “to say that the Gazans are disappearing towards Egypt and the West Bank, that the West Bank are disappearing towards King Abdullah in Jordan”, It is “first of all unrealistic and morally unacceptable”he said.

A risk of seeing Israel make the Gaza Strip “uninhabitable”

On the other hand, Jean-Louis Bourlanges stood out from the comments made by Meyer Habib, Les Républicains deputy for the 8th constituency of French people living abroad, before the Foreign Affairs Committee: “This war is a war of civilization. A Jew will never be a settler in Judea”he said. “He is a personal friend of Mr. Netanyahu”retorted the MoDem deputy. “He fully identified with Israel’s turnaround, which has profoundly changed its policies over the past 20 years. I call a spade a spade and what is being done in the West Bank is colonization. »reacted the MoDem deputy.

Since the Hamas attack on October 7, Jean-Louis Bourlanges does not understand Israel’s objective: “War is not violence. War is not the law of reprisals. War is not revenge. War is the use of force and violence to achieve specific political objectives. he explained. He fears that the Jewish state wants “Make the territory of Gaza uninhabitable because the fundamental idea is that Gazans must disappear from the territory of Gaza”He continued. ” This is very serious “he estimated.

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