“The closer the European elections get, the more they take on the appearance of a referendum for or against the EU”

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“The closer the European elections get, the more they take on the appearance of a referendum for or against the EU”

Fready to sleep! The victory of the Europhobe Geert Wilders in the Dutch legislative elections on November 22 had a greater impact in France than the previous alerts in Italy, Sweden, Hungary or Slovakia when conservative or national parties came to power. far right. In quick succession, on France Inter, two officials from Renew Europe, the liberal centrist group which shelters the Macronists in the European Parliament, sounded the alarm.

“Sometimes the far right wins, sometimes not. There is a political battle to be fought. We intend to take it to the European elections (from June 2024) »declared Friday, November 24, MEP Pascal Canfin, emphasizing that the far right had been defeated in the legislative elections in Spain in July, and that the ultraconservatives had been disconcerted in Poland in October.

Sunday, Stéphane Séjourné, wearing his double hat as president of the Renew group and national secretary of the Renaissance party, affirmed that he “would lead the battle of the Europeans” at the head of a pro-European coalition, hoping that it “will be larger than the simple presidential majority”.

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Like Italy, the Netherlands is one of the founding countries of the European Union. The outgoing Prime Minister, the liberal Mark Rutte, was an ally of Emmanuel Macron in Europe. His nickname, “Teflon”, summed up his ability to adapt and his longevity: he had dominated Dutch political life since 2010. In July, however, he had to bow out, because the coalition he led was not able to to face. agree on a common strategy on migration policy, which has become a major subject of concern in the country. Three good reasons to take seriously the earthquake that just occurred there. In France, the far right is going on the offensive while a bill on immigration, causing strong tensions within the majority, has still not been stabilized.

A separate ballot

Long protected by its institutions and the strength of the Republican front, France today appears as vulnerable as some of its European allies. The bet of the National Rally (RN) to throw itself into the European battle from September did not harm it, quite the contrary. Without needing to campaign, Jordan Bardella is gaining points in the polls: he is currently around 28%, ahead of the Renaissance candidate by eight to nine points. In the 2019 election, the two parties were neck and neck.

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“The closer the European elections get, the more they take on the appearance of a referendum for or against the EU” - 1

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