The first feedback on PS5 compatible SSDs has fallen


The first feedback on PS5 compatible SSDs has fallen

Here is a jumble of feedback from players who have been able to test the first compatible SSDs with the PS5:


Doing my bit for @PlayStation #ps5 #beta – got the SN850 NVMe fitted. Registers as delivering 6.5GB/s, simple install, games copying over now.

— Alex Hudson (@ealexhudson) July 30, 2021

I’m doing my part for @PlayStation
#ps5 #beta – I installed the SN850 NVMe. It is recorded as delivering 6.5GB/s, simple installation, games are being copied.

What a user asks him to do the comparison between the speed of the internal disk and that of the SSD:

“Absolutely identical for me so far – I haven’t noticed any difference. I don’t have the latest Ratchet game though, running it on the second disc would be a good test. I’ve copied most of the games to disk to see what happens – 500GB of games copied in a minute or two ?”


On the trend r/PS5 of Reddit, a player expresses himself:

“I can confirm that the Gigabyte AORUS 7000s 2 TB drive (shipped with heatsink) is working smoothly so far. I believe it was said that the disk speed was around 6500MB/s after formatting. »

“I moved all my ps5 games to the drive and started downloading other ps5 games onto it while simultaneously playing Returnal. No issues so far, in fact I just beat the first boss on my fifth pass a few minutes ago. I checked the downloads and saw that they were holding up at around 100MB/s, even when the game was running. »

Another Reddit user also added on this topic:

“I also just installed a 1TB AORUS 7000s. The height with heatsink is slightly higher than Sony’s spec (11.4mm vs. 11.25mm) but it fits just fine. PS5 reported a read speed of 6556MB/s. I transferred everything from my external hard drive to the AORUS. No problem so far”.


THE Samsung 980PRO is available without a heatsink and a priori it still seems to work, although the results are better with a heatsink (and it is rather recommended).

The user of Reddit DanC Tapirson gives his opinion:

“I confirm that the Samsung 980 Pro 1TB disk works without problems. The PS5 instantly recognized it, formatted it, and was good to go. I moved MK11 from system storage to M2, start to finish, it took 78 seconds for 86GB”.

In addition, he gives the speeds he obtained with the games below:


Ps5 Main SSD:

Play time 13.45s
Travel time 4min and 4s

Samsung 980 Pro:

Play time 13.37s
Travel time 2min and 3s

Ratchet & Clank

Ps5 Main SSD:

Menu access time 7.51s
Play time 1.79s
Travel time 2m and 33s

Samsung 980 Pro:

Menu access time 7.55s
Play time 1.86s
Movement time 1m and 4s

So, are you going to take the leap?

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