At the time of the PlayStation 1, fighting games were under the influence of the leader Tekken, but other licenses have managed to find a place and make an impression. This is precisely the case of the Rival Schools franchise, which was able to conquer and offer a more fun approach from the first part on the machine of sony.

The particularity of the software was to offer accessible gameplay, where you could call an assist at certain times and with an obvious second degree, whether at the level of the blows or the cast which was made up of teachers and students.

If some players are nostalgic for this IP, Hideaki Itsunodirector of Devil May Cry 5, is also and would also like to develop a Rival Schools 3 as declared during the Tokyo Game Show 2018 at the microphone of our colleagues from dual shockers :

If given permission, I would love to do Rival Schools 3Dragon’s Dogma 2, Capcom vs SNK 3, Street Fighter Alpha 4, Power Stone 3… even Street Fighter 6 if I could, that would be amazing.

He added that in Japan, high school spans three years, and a Rival Schools 3 would close the loop:

We saw the first two years of these youngsters, so the third would be about their senior year in high school. Wouldn’t that be awesome? You would end with their graduation ceremony.

Itsuno-san is therefore keen to revive many productions, and we cross our fingers that his wish for a Rival Schools 3 actually sees the light of day.

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