The ‘Game of Thrones’ theme park will open in 2021 and we already know the first details about what it will offer


The ‘Game of Thrones’ theme park will open in 2021 and we already know the first details about what it will offer

The series ‘Game of Thrones’ ended its broadcast, but that does not mean that the fruits of the famous works of George RR Martin have finished far from it. And we are not only talking about the audiovisuals, because beyond the prequels of the series, but the ‘Game of Thrones’ theme park to open in Northern Ireland.

Specifically, what will be the first theme park in the world on the well-known saga will be located in Banbridge, at the Linen Mill Studios (which had already planned thematic tours in them). We will have to wait a bit to reserve the passes because will open in 2021, but we already know enough details of what we can see and do inside the wall (of the park).

Refreshing High Valyrian to put it into practice next year

After this year of so many limitations at the level of physical entertainment and when it comes to traveling, the truth is that it is quite encouraging to think that when all this is normalized we will not only be able to go to the theme parks that were already inaugurated, such as the ‘Star Wars : Galaxy Edge ‘in Disneyland (California) that we were able to visit already. It is also exciting to think of parks under construction such as the Super Nintendo Wolrd in Japan or now this one in Northern Ireland, which perhaps many of us will catch something closer to.

It will be called ‘Game of Thrones Studio Tour’ and it will be a collaboration between the studios we mentioned and HBO. With this fusion, what visitors will have is an opportunity to see part of the decorations and original objects used in filming. There will be sets from the wall of Winterfell / Invernalia (the wall!), Kingslanding / King’s Landing or Dragonstone / Dragonstone among others.

The theme park may be a relief for environments that have been overwhelmed by avalanches of tourists

In fact, the theme park may be a relief for environments that have been overwhelmed by avalanches of tourists who, motivated to visit the locations of the series. This is the case of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe (guilty, of going but not stealing stones, eye) or Hadrian’s wall (for the novels). In fact, it will be an opportunity to see original objects from the shoot such as weapons or costumes having more than 10,000 meters squares prepared for the masses.

‘Game of Thrones Studio Tour’ promises to be very immersive, by allowing visitors to walk through these film sets and feel within highly remembered scenes. There will be a main hall dedicated to Winterfell, highlighting its weight in the storyline of the saga, and will include an exclusive collection of crafts and items with which the creative teams brought the series to life.

This will be an own exhibition dedicated to the work process of this team, in which visitors will be able to know more details about the series production, the design of the infinite prostheses needed for the characterization of characters, what computer techniques were used to give life to the dragons or the recreation of the great battles and other details of the realization.

It suits Northern Ireland

This park will be another in the group of experiences that already exist in the Emerald Isle in relation to “thrones tourism” (to call it somehow), because there is already a whole catalog of official experiences there (from bicycle tours even archery). There is even a three-day (luxury) coastal route along the Calzada and Glens coast, and all that this park can be a finishing touch.

In fact, in addition to the situation of the study, the location of the park was decided precisely because it was Northern Ireland. one of the most important locations in the series (where most of the scenes have been shot). Not surprisingly, Winterfell is 40 minutes from Belfast (and that is where we can perform archery in the purest Stark style).

The idea was to finish the park in 2020, but this project has been another of many affected by the pandemic situation caused by COVID-19 that we are still experiencing, although with some recovery in activity. There is no exact date for its opening, but have confirmed that it will be in 2021 as we said.

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