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The periods of high heat which multiplied throughout the summer had the effect of modifying the harvests. In the Hérault, for example, the harvest of certain grape varieties took place 15 days in advance.

A plot of Cabernet Sauvignon is generally harvested between September 15 and 20.But this year, the machines are already there, Monday September 4, two weeks earlier, becauseTHEthe grape is alreadyready. “To judge the maturity, we open the grain and look at the color that comes out”explains Nicolas Viguier, manager of the estate.The harvest ended on August 31, which has never been the case before.

No impact on harvest

With the high summer heat and the August heat wave, some leaves burned and the grapes therefore ripened more quickly.So everything sped up.The whites, rosés and reds were harvested at the same time, a first for the estate.The winemaker’s father, having grown up in the vineyards, had never seen this.A positive point :the high temperatures had no impact on the quantity of the harvest.

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