The French team experienced an unprecedented match eve Monday evening in the Greek city for its last match in 2023.

Special envoy to Athens

We apologize for the delay, but the traffic in Athens caused us some problems.” Monday evening at the Opap Arena, the press chief of the French team took the floor to apologize for the thirty-minute delay of Didier Deschamps and Adrien Rabiot, who were expected to answer questions from the media at 6:30 p.m. The French contingent finally landed at 7 p.m. p.m.

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The world runners-up midfielder huffed in annoyance when a remark was made about traffic in the Greek capital. Ditto for the coach, who hastened to apologize to the French media present for the last trip of the Blues in 2023, as well as to the locals. “ It’s out of our control», He clarified, he who hates these last minute setbacks, before devoting himself to pre-match obligations.

In haste, the training of the French team, scheduled for 7 p.m. local time (1 hour less in France), was finally postponed until after 7:30 p.m. Guy Stéphan, the deputy of “DD”, accompanied by Cyril Moine the physical trainer, but also Franck Raviot who takes care of the goalkeepers, rushed to set up the exercises while the players changed in the locker rooms of the magnificent Greek stadium. Landing on the pitch, Didier Deschamps, warned by his right arm, discovered that the nets for the two goals were not in place. This gave rise to a heated exchange with the official present at the edge of the pitch.

Frank explanation between Deschamps and an official

Annoyed, the boss of the Blues made his dissatisfaction known, before everything returned to order and the two men ended their discussion in a more cordial tone and with a friendly handshake. A few seconds later, the players entered the field and the session could begin. Under the watchful eye of an attentive trainer, resting on his cooler, due to back pain which has been bothering him since the start of the rally.

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