What a wonderful tool, the iPad! There is no doubt that the Apple tablet has great hardware that makes it the leading tablet on the market. In addition, this hardware is accompanied by software with very useful functions that make life much easier for us.

And one of those functions will allow you write or type with greater efficiency and speed. We cannot deny that writing on a laptop is not the same as on an iPad. Especially if you don’t use a keyboard. Our physiognomy is not designed to repeatedly tap your fingers against a touch screen, but thanks to this trick you can drastically improve your typing speed.

We speak, of course, of the touch gestures to write numbers, accents, umlauts and other special characters. In this tutorial we will explain in great detail how it works.

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How to type faster on your iPad

Take a good look at the virtual keyboard of your iPad with iPadOS 13, you will see that there are some small symbols next to the letters of each key, right? For example there is a «3» next to the «E» key or a «# “Next to the letter” S “.

Have you ever wondered why those symbols are there? Or have you ever noticed that those symbols were written without you doing it on purpose?

Well, it turns out that these symbols are part of a functionality specially designed to type faster.

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This function is activated by default from iOS 11 and will allow you swipe down on a key to write the symbol or number that accompanies each letter of the keys. If you don’t have it activated, you can enable it from Settings Allow finger swipe on keys.

Important: This feature is disabled on the iPad Pro with a 12-inch screen.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to add that you can slide your finger up on a key (vowels) to add accents, umlauts and other characters.

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Other iPad keyboard tricks on iPadOS 13

There are another series of tricks that you can use in iPadOS 13 to speed up your typing on the virtual keyboard of the operating system. For example, you can quickly select text using touch gestures, move the cursor and even enable a floating mini keyboard on your iPad.

Text selection:

  • To select a word you just have to double click on a word.
  • To select a phrase you will have to click three times on the text.
  • to select an entire paragraph you can click four times on the text.

Move the cursor:

Apple has implemented a new method to move the text cursor since the previous method was somewhat cumbersome and ineffective. From now on, with iPadOS 13, you will have the possibility to move the text cursor by keeping your finger pressed on it and sliding to one side or the other.

Additionally, you can hold and slide two fingers on the keyboard to move the text cursor freely.

Floating keyboard:

And finally we have the mini floating keyboard that Apple has added in iPadOS 13 and that offers the possibility of typing or type on a miniature keyboard. It’s an ideal option for holding the tablet with one hand while using your thumb to type with the other hand.

To activate the floating keyboard you just have to perform a zoom or zoom gesture on the keyboard. In addition, you can position the keyboard in the area of ​​the screen you want.

And it does not end here, with the floating keyboard of iPadOS 13 you can also slide your finger on the keys to form words much faster, as happens on the iPhone with iOS 13.

Important: This function is disabled on the original keyboard.

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