The following article contains major spoilers for the ending of The Killer.

Widely described as a gripping thriller by the press, David Fincher’s new collaboration with Netflix, The Killer, has all the makings of a revenge film. And, no offense to some, it is also a killer comedy.

Certainly, The Killer follows a neurotic assassin (Michael Fassbender) who, as the mission turns disastrous in the prologue indicates, is not as good as he thinks. However, the murders committed by the killer (whose name is unknown) subsequently are not to replenish the coffers… He seeks revenge on his awful bosses who, after the initial mission goes wrong, decide to sit down. shaved from their collaboration. And that includes liquidating the killer himself, ambushed in his beachfront home in the Dominican Republic. While he is away, it is Magdala, his girlfriend, who is beaten and mutilated by those who wanted his life. Upset, as one can imagine, revenge is required on the part of our hero.

This is what the film could be summed up as: a revenge according to the rules, carried out smoothly by a killer steeped in OCD who talks too much to himself and whose Spotify playlist is exclusively made up of a hundred versions of How Soon is Now? of the Smiths. He coldly shoots down each of the traitors, from Tilda Swinton (who is shot during dessert after a very fancy dinner) to Charles Parnell of Top Gun: Maverick who plays Hodges, the killer’s boss, and who bears the brunt of a nail gun. The film is not as stunning as some of David Fincher’s great classics (Seven, Zodiac, The Social Network), it is no less entertaining and still very meticulous in its design.

These adventures lead to the final boss, Claybourne known as “the Client”, played by Arliss Howard. This billionaire, who made his fortune in cryptocurrency, had commissioned the initial mission of the killer and ordered the reprisals after the fiasco. But that’s not entirely true… It was Hodges who suggested liquidating the killer to get his marbles back. Claybourne acts in his pants, promises not to do it again and, after this bloodbath of an hour and a half, our killer decides to let him go without the slightest scratch. This is called changing your mind at the last minute.

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