If there is one game that every PlayStation 4 owner has been impatiently awaiting since the launch of the console, it is undoubtedly The Last of Us 2. The Naughty Dog title which has been the subject of numerous rumors is being remade today talk about him, a few hours from Games Awards and PlayStation Experience.

It is through the NeoGaf forums that the insider Shinobi602which we no longer present, ignites the powder with the posting online of a quote confirming the title. While this post might seem innocuous to many, it’s hard to imagine that someone with Shinobi602’s reputation would enjoy relaying this information just for the sake of entertainment.

The game could therefore be revealed during PSX during which different games should be announced, if we are to believe the mystery panels planned by Sony. But the Game Awards could also be the chosen venueto broadcast a first video that will make everyone agree.

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