Fasten your seatbelts and step into our virtual DeLorean to travel back to PlayStation Experience 2016. Back then, sony And Naughty Dog formalized with great fanfare The Last of Us Part II via a very first trailer featuring Ellie and Joël. The hypotheses went well, with two camps clashing, that of the partisans of the theory that the spiritual “father” is alive, and the other who thinks rather that it is just a hallucination. implying the death of the man.

Who is right ? For now, neither of them, and for good reason, this sequence is absolutely not in the game. Here is what Neil Druckman said about it:

The first trailer we showed simply exists as an announcement. This is a scene that does not take place in the game.

In October 2017, the Dogs struck again with a trailer that made people talk about it, for its very rough atmosphere, but which fits perfectly with the universe of the license. According to Druckmann, this video has been tweaked to make an impression, while some parts of the title still don’t work.

This part and others are more or less the neatest parts because we knew we were going to show them, and now, an arduous task awaits us. We have this five-minute sequence, but how do you manage to transform it into a ten-hour experience capable of transcribing this so visceral side, this type of intensity? People don’t see that the rest – on many levels – is a complete mess.

This second statement is less surprising given that the game is not expected before 2019, and that the developers therefore still have very long months to fit everything together and to work on the parts that currently pose more problems.

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