The Mini NES would have several display modes according to Nintendo Quebec


The Mini NES would have several display modes according to Nintendo Quebec

Since its announcement, the Mini NES has unleashed passions and warmed the hearts of nostalgic fans, to the point of becoming the queen of pre-orders on Amazon.

Julie Gagnon, communications manager at Nintendo Quebec, reveals more information not revealed until now. During an interview with a local radio, she recalled that the Mini NES would not be connected to the internet, to rediscover the feeling of yesteryear, and that it would have several display modes :

We will be able to play on HDMI, but there will be different modes in terms of how we will see the screen, a mode simulating the retro appearance of our old cathode ray screens, a mode which takes greater advantage of the resolution of modern televisions, a 4:3 format, and also a “Pixel Perfect” mode which will display each pixel in the form of a squarepeople will be able to have fun with that too.

Will you fall in love with the release or add it to your Christmas list?

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