Acquire announced RPG CARDS: The Misty Battlefield, an all-new roguelike deck-building strategy RPG, is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. The game will be released sometime in 2024 and a new trailer offers a first look at actual gameplay.

RPG CARDS: The Misty Battlefield is one of seven new games developed by Acquire that will be released over the next year. The upcoming game combines deck building, traditional strategy RPG gameplay, and roguelike elements as one of Acquire’s first self-published releases on modern platforms.

Acquire something new RPG CARDS: The Misty Battlefield

In a new “First Look” gameplay trailer, Acquire confirms that RPG CARDS: The Misty Battlefield is now available as a wishlist on Steam. The trailer finally also confirms the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 versions. However, the store pages for the console versions are not yet live.

Watch the new trailer below.

Finally, here’s a look at the game’s story via the official Steam page:

That day, a jet-black dragon descended on the kingdom and, in the blink of an eye, it destroyed everything.

The 100 year war…
This is the name given to the ongoing battle between the 17 countries.

It already seemed like a never-ending war, but the appearance of a single dragon changed everything.
It was a “chimera” created from a dragon who had no interest in human warfare and who did not have the spirit of a warmongering human.
The weapon, created by the enemy country Fahftania, could not be completed without great sacrifices.
However, Fahftania joined forces with the giant organization Hellmuth Brigade to sacrifice 1,000 of its citizens to create the greatest chimera in history.
Having gained this overwhelming power, no one possessed the ability to defeat Fahftania and the Hellmuth Brigade.

Seth Arden, a scout in the Clausewitz Battalion, discovered that Fahftania creates chimeras in an attempt to take over the world.
Hearing this, Captain Vel Dina is angered by their inhumane experiments.

To put an end to these terrible and cruel experiences, the Clausewitz battalion leaves for Fahftania.

However, they will soon discover that all of Fahftania is under the influence of the Hellmuth Brigade…


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