Apple truly cares about the lives of its customers. With the release of the latest iPhone 14, the Apple brand launched the accident detection function, which allows the smartphone to automatically call for help in the event of a serious road accident. This fall, the Cupertino company is going even further to protect iPhone users by introducing the Emergency SOS satellite tool. The service, available since November 15 in the United States and Canada, has just been launched in France, Germany, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

The Satellite Emergency SOS feature, as its name suggests, allows iPhone 14 users (any model without distinction) to contact emergency services in areas where cellular network and Wi-Fi are non-existent. A very useful option for the more adventurous among us, who go on vacation to places without reliable networks and like to do sports off the beaten track.

The implementation of this new functionality is made possible thanks to the combination of tools already existing on the iPhone, such as Emergency Call, Medical Card, emergency contacts and location sharing in Find My. The service in question connects users with relay centers managed by specialists trained by Apple who will then notify emergency call centers or support services, providing as much information as possible that may prove critical about the situation of the person needing help.

When an iPhone 14 owner cannot reach the emergency services due to a lack of network, the smartphone offers to send an SMS via satellite via an ultra-simple interface. The telephone then asks various standard questions so that you can describe the type of emergency most precisely (vehicle accident, illness or injury, fire, etc.). Once the standard questionnaire is completed, the iPhone 14 tells you in which direction to orient it to make communication possible.

Small clarification: the correct transmission of your messages will depend on the environment in which you find yourself. In the wilderness, if the vegetation is tall and dense, the signal will probably not pass and it will be necessary, if possible, to find a clear place to make communication possible. We had the opportunity to test the demo mode of the Emergency SOS service in different situations, notably on a deserted beach in the Pacific, without network, and to realize the effectiveness of the interface.

You can share the information communicated during transmission with your emergency contacts to keep them informed of your situation. Sending messages may take several minutes due to the position of the closest satellites and their movement. If you are in a clear area and all conditions are met, SMS messages may take a minimum of 15 seconds to be transmitted. All you have to do is try the demo mode to be prepared for any eventuality.

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