Forward Shane Pinto could miss the start of training camp if his negotiations with the Ottawa Senators continue to stagnate, with the two sides still far from an agreement.

Having completed his entry contract, the 22-year-old American is a free agent with compensation and despite the efforts of the general manager of the “Sens”, Pierre Dorion, the discussions have not borne fruit so far. According to Postmedia, there is still “an important way to go” before reaching an agreement.

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Pinto had 20 goals and 15 assists for 35 points in 82 games last season. A shoulder injury limited him to five games the previous season.

Ottawa’s organization must also agree with another young player, forward Egor Sokolov. Currently, she has just under $900,000 of space on her payroll and camp is scheduled to begin the week of September 18.


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