Valve recently revealed plans to tackle smurf accounts in its popular MOBA Dota2 and many League of Legends players and personalities are wondering if something like this could work in League of Legends as well.

Valve, the developers of League of Legends’ biggest competitor, Dota, recently revealed how they are moving forward with their “no smurfs allowed” in-game policy to help create a better environment for all players of all backgrounds. elos.

Now some League of Legends players have figured this out, and given how big smurfs have become lately, some players wish Riot would also go ahead and make some changes to how they handle smurf accounts in LOL. Will anything ever change?

LoL players want Riot to ban Smurfs too

On September 1, 2023, Valve released a statement regarding the widespread smurfs issue in their Dota2 game. They reveal that 90,000 smurf accounts have been banned. Not only were the accounts banned, but the developers also managed to trace the accounts back to the original master accounts, going even further.

In the blog post, the Dota2 developers reveal that all accounts that create smurf accounts in the future will be severely punished on their main accounts.

In the future, a master account associated with a smurf account could result in a wide range of penalties, ranging from temporary behavior score adjustments to permanent account bans.

Smurfing has also become more of an issue in League of Legends lately, with players using these accounts to play with higher or lower elos, ruining the gaming experience for everyone involved. Since these smurf accounts are not connected to their main accounts, players also do not care about behavioral strikes, thus being the most toxic players.

There have been hundreds of Reddit threads over the past few months calling out Riot trying to make changes, whether it’s just adding a phone number to an account or connecting someone’s smurf. one to his main account, so he could be held accountable for their behavior, but none of that happened.

Very interesting, I wonder how much something like this would affect League of Legends’ balance sheet, I think it would make the game better.

This could be difficult since people have had Smurfs for potentially up to 13 years.

-YamatoCannon (@YamatoMebdi) September 5, 2023

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Even League of Legends content creators have responded, Jakob”Yamato cannon Mebdi asks if Riot could also implement changes similar to Valve’s for League.

Other Twitter users chimed in, saying Riot would lose too much money and therefore weren’t looking to make any changes to the Smurfs’ current situation in-game.

Sure, Riot has some behind-the-scenes mechanics in place to try and fight the smurfs, just pulling them into their respective elo after playing and stomping a few games, but it seems that didn’t work. too well, with how many players are still affected by smurfs currently in the game.

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