According to the Minister of Solidarity, state support for food aid associations amounts to 156 million euros in 2023, or “more than double in three years”.

Faced with the appeal launched by the Restos du Cœur, a “warning appeal” due to financial difficulties, the government recalled its commitments in terms of food aid.

The State has allocated “156 million euros in food aid in 2023” to support “all associations, local and national, which support the most vulnerable”, declares a press release from the Ministry of Solidarity, referring to “more a doubling in three”. years” of these budgets.

Food banks and Secours populaire

In detail, in addition to specific support “of 15 million euros” for Restos du Cœur, “food banks will receive 11 million, Secours Populaire 6 million, the Red Cross 3.8 million and social grocery stores (ANDES) 2.5 million euros”. In addition, local associations benefit from “66 million euros of local credits”, specifies the press release.

The Restos du Cœur announced on Sunday that they would be forced to reduce the number of beneficiaries, caught between inflation and the ever-increasing demand for food aid. The appeal launched by the association founded by Coluche, which claims to need 35 million euros by the end of the year, has generated an outpouring of generosity.

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