Thanks to the institute MediaCreatewe discovered that the Switch was still a hit to the point of achieving a new record, but it’s not the only one…

To start, game sales amounted to 1,761,000 for the period from December 18 to 24, an increase of 146.14% compared to the previous week. In terms of consoles, the displayed result is 432,000 machines, i.e. +123.15%. Although game sales are down for the second consecutive year, the hardware sector has remained in the green year on year, and has even progressed.

Nintendo performed well with 1,278,000 3DS games sold, which represents 40% of the total market from a software point of view. The Switch has sold 1,076,000 titles. If we stay with Big N’s hybrid machine, we can see that 491,000 units were sold between December 11 and 24, 2017, giving the Switch the leading position with a 60% market share. With its 3,258,083 in total, the machine is catching up at high speed with the Wii U, which has painfully reached 3,329,083 in five years.

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