At the 2017 Game Awards, nintendo announced the development of a Bayonetta 3 exclusively on Switch. In addition to this excellent news, players will be able to dive back into the first two episodes from February. If overall the gameplay or even the adventure will remain unchanged compared to the Wii U versionthe Japanese manufacturer still wanted to specify the different features of the game.

Thus, the figures amiibo will be compatible in order to unlock costumes and weapons in the game. Remember that all content can be unlocked by progressing, but with Amiibo, you can get everything directly. We do not yet know which figures will be compatible. In addition to that, touch functions will answer the call to offer simpler controls for players who have a little trouble with action games.

Finally, an exclusive local multiplayer mode for the mode called “Tag Climax” will be part of the game. On the other hand, all the players will have to have a copy of the game to appreciate the fact of playing with others. Bayonetta 2 (accompanied by a code to download the first opus) will be released on February 16, 2018 on Switch.

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