The Witcher 3: All treasure hunts in Skellige

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The Witcher 3: All treasure hunts in Skellige

There are so many rocks and cliffs along the rough ocean on the Skellige Islands that ship accidents are practically the order of the day. You should be accordingly careful if a wreck is halfway in the water somewhere, and one that is buzzing around by sirens. There is often something to get there. As always, the treasure hunt begins with relieving a corpse or chest for a letter and key. The actual prey is usually only a few meters away. Here are all the little treasure hunts on Skellige.

Family happiness

The Derelict Tavern is located southeast of Fyresdal by the water. Upon your arrival you have to pick apart a swarm of sirens and then close a monster’s nest, then defeat an Ekimma and, joy, you have liberated the settlement. People come back and you get a lot of experience and gold.

A conspicuous box can be looted in one of the houses; it contains, among other things, a letter that starts the quest. The reading puts you in the picture that the ship of the father of a certain Fjale sank off the south coast of Ard Skellig. What are you waiting for a long time?

March from the tavern towards the southwest, from a distance you can already see the crooked ship. Swim to the rocks where two sirens are defending their territory. To get rid of them quickly, you can just enter the ship briefly and shoot them down with the crossbow. The box you are looking for is still on the wing of the ship, but has slipped under the water. You have to dip your head briefly in order to be able to reach them.

You will find the treasure on the bottom almost exactly in the middle of the marking.

Thank Freya!

Go to the village of Blandare southwest of the abandoned sawmill and east of Rannvaig. Leave Blandare on the road leading to the southeast, at the side of which you will soon find a dead horse and rider. He likes to part with his little chest key and the notes with which the search is started.

Run the few meters down to the bank, if necessary take care of the moornixers loitering there and dive to the bottom in the middle of the circle marking. You will find the chest you are looking for towards the southeast. Open it, take out everything you need, and the quest is complete.

The treasure chest on the bottom is hard to miss.


The starting point for this is Boxholm, a nearly burned-out village southeast of Fayrlund and southwest of Blandare. You find a corpse leaning against the remains of a wall, from which you take your letter and key. The matching chest for the key is in the north-western ruined house directly behind it and is half sunk in the rubble. It would be a shame if she stood here forever without anyone finding her.

Easy to miss.

Pearls of the coast

Recommended level: 13

On the way from the port of Kaer Troldes to the south-western island of Undvik (see side quest “The Lord of Undvik”) you come across a wide archipelago with high rock formations. On the right edge you can see a lighthouse. On the island south of it pirates have you Dirty camp set up. Defeat them as soon as they attack you and loot the little sack.

After reading the unsent letter you find out about a sunken ship, again. Run just a few meters east of the pirate camp. In the water you can see a half-sunken ship, next to which you have to submerge. Use the witcher senses and locate the box next to the boat lying on the bottom. Quest finished.

The box is located directly under the bow.

Nilfgaardian treasure

Travel to the port of Urialla on An Skellig. It is the northernmost of all the islands. From the port, head southeast until you reach the rocky cliffs. Swim around them and keep left. From a distance you can see some sirens defending a shipwreck. Rescue yourselves on the wreck and ensure clean air. Then you take the freight list from the corpse.

From this position, run a few meters southeast into the water and dive down where the ship’s mast protrudes from the water. On the loading area of ​​the ship, you can open the chest you are looking for and thus end the search.

Easy to find.

Precious cargo

Recommended level: 13

In the northwest of the island of Undvik (on the cliffs southeast of the huge citadel in the northwest of the island) ice floes are already beginning. Look for a shipwreck with a corpse in it. The letter you find while searching gives further clues to the location of the treasure.

Run into the water and swim straight north, always towards the rocks. Before that you go underground and find the chest in the middle of the search circle at the bottom of the ocean. Loot them and successfully complete this search as well.

Immerse yourself in the middle of the marking and you will find the box right on the bottom.


Also on Undvik are the ruins of Urskar. As part of the side quests “The Lord of Undvik” and “A master armor smith” you already get to know the area. Directly at Urskar is a fairly large lake, easily recognizable on the map. Look around the northeast of the lake on the shore for a boat guarded by scoundrels.

The torn piece of paper starts the search after you have read it. Turn around and head south into the water. You dive near the ship’s remains and find the rusty chest on the bottom of the lake. Loot and quest is over.

The box is right next to the wreck.

Not just for eagles

Recommended level: 10

Travel to Svorlag on Spikeroog Island (the most northwestern one) and from there head southeast to the water. At Ulula’s needle – that’s the name of this little rock spike here; known among other things from the side quest “Darling of the Gods” – a ship ran aground. In the pockets of the corpse lying next to it you will find a note and a key with a ring.

Looks like the “crooked mast” marks the place. After reading the message you run a few meters to the southeast into the water, dive under the search circle and find the box on the bottom.

The box is in front of the rock wall that leads to the shore.

Hidden in the deep

Recommended level: 31

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Faroe Island is the most southeast of them all. Take a trip there and visit the town of Harviken. From there you walk cross-country towards the southwest, to the ocean, where you discover a cave standing under water. The corpse to the left will be noted as “Hidden Treasure”. Take the message and the scratched key from her.

It can happen that just reading the letter fulfills the quest. Do not know why. In any case, the treasure is in the cave next door. You have to dive through the passage and come to a hidden part of the cave, full of endriages up to the top. Even a poisonous crab spider has mixed with them. The fight will not be easy, but when you are through with it, you can turn the box off and empty it.

After the hard fight, the treasure awaits in the northeastern alcove.

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