Fans of the work of Yoko Taro and the MMO of Naoki Yoshida at the same time ? Good news, you can now reconcile the two thanks to a collaboration between the developers.

In this Update 5.1: Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Crueltyyou can explore and try to go aftera 24-player raid “inspired by NieR: YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse”in which you will be supported by the android 2P.

Beyond names that pass from game to game, Yosuke Saito And Yoko Taro have themselves imagined a story as well as the present fights in this unpublished portion.

Update 5.1 Trailer

Contents of Update 5.1

  • A new chapter of Shadowbringers opens with additional quests
  • The 24-player alliance raid that takes over NieR Automata’s abandoned factory
  • A New Game + mode
  • A challenge in extreme difficulty, “The Deathrattle”, where you will come across an enemy
  • A dungeon, “The Coruscant Cosmos”, which was designed by Elves
  • Additional Tribal Missions
  • The ninja, samurai and summoner jobs have been extensively revised, but the others will also benefit from adjustments
  • Crafting and harvesting maintenance goes into maintenance to make it more accessible and enjoyable
  • A new mini-game “JACTA of the Gold Saucer”

In addition to these main changes, you will have in the future:

  • The “Rebuilding of Ishgard” which is crafting and gathering content (Update 5.11)
  • A raid, “Alexander’s Odyssey”, which will be visibly full-bodied even for the oldest (Update 5.11)
  • A new map for the Front “Onsal Hakair” (Danshig Naadam) (Update 5.15)
  • The level cap for the blue mage is set to 60, he also receives job quests, Grand Masquerade encounters and a job journal

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