Expected in French cinemas on January 18, 2023, Babylon does not seem to find its audience in the United States and is off to a rather timid start with “only” $3.5 million in revenue for its first week of operation. It must be said that the duration of the film carried by Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Diego Calva – 3h09, must certainly have discouraged more than a few. However, director Damien Chazelle indicated during a question-and-answer session for Entertainment Weekly that a shorter version of his film existed on his phone.

Two hours filmed in his garden

Even before filming began Babylon in July 2021 and in a desire to perfect his film, the Franco-American director actually made a first complete recording of his film in his garden by filming with his iPhone. Without Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt and Tobey Maguire, this very first version was made with only two actors: Olivia Hamilton, his wife, in the role of Ruth Adler and Diego Calva, one of the stars of Babylonin the shoes of Manny Torres.

“It’s a very tight two-hour version of the whole film, on an iPhone, in our garden,” Damien Chazelle soberly explained to the audience before Diego Calva revealed that it was “a very particular situation” for him to find yourself filming in these conditions. The latter then indulged in a little confidence, indicating that the director’s laughter could be heard at certain moments in the film. Cameos from the latter are also to be expected according to Margot Robbie’s statements during the same interview.

Looking back a few years, we see that this is not the first time that Damien Chazelle has prepared one of his films in advance by making a “rough draft” recording of it. In 2016, he shot the opening sequence of La La Land, released in January 2017 at the cinema, in what appears to be a parking lot with various extras. A preparation which undoubtedly allowed him to refine certain details in order to offer the best possible sequence to cinema spectators.

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