The Israeli operation continues in the Gaza Strip. Troops are now heading towards the south, which is supposed to be secure, while the northern half is in ruins, hampering any possibility of civilian return in the short and medium term.

This relentlessness is all the more incomprehensible given that at the Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City, presented, with 3D video, as housing the entrance to Hamas’s ultra-secure tunnels and vaults, including it would be the seat, the evidence is very weak.

In 2008-2009, during Operation “Cast Lead”, then in 2014, during Operation “Protective Edge”, this hospital had already been designated to house the military leadership of Hamas. Here again, the officially announced objective was to put an end to the Palestinian Islamist organization.

A week ago, a former senior Shin Bet official told the New York Times that Hamas headquarters consisted of several floors housing meeting rooms, living quarters, and storage spaces, and that several hundred people could congregate in these spaces beneath the hospital.

Supporting the idea that Hamas is similar to ISIS

Even the team from the BBC, British television, one of the most professional in the world, despite being alongside the Israeli army, found itself unable to show anything other than a few Kalashnikovs and protective vests. balls. and first aid kits packaged in plastic bags. Although, like everywhere in the city, there are underground passages, no operational rooms have been found. Which may raise doubts about the Israeli story.

So, obviously no one doubts the attack perpetrated by Hamas on October 7. Videos filmed by these militants clearly show that they are shooting at Israeli civilians. But emerging testimonies, collected by Israeli police and intelligence services, contradict Benjamin Netanyahu’s account of events. This is all the more important since journalist Nicole Zedeck, of the pro-Israeli channel I24News, indicated in her English edition of October 10 that at least 40 babies had been killed.

“Some of them had their heads cut off”, she clarified. She herself had seen nothing. She was only repeating the words of the deputy commander of Unit 71, David Ben Zion, who even told the journalist that he “I had never seen such acts of cruelty”.

Enough to support the idea that Hamas is similar to Daesh. However, even if the Israeli government rushed to relay the tweets, no images came to support the veracity of the remarks. It is true that David Ben Zion is none other than one of the leaders of the Shomron settlement council, in the West Bank, occupied Palestinian territory. The same wrote in 2016: “The Palestinian people are an enemy. You cannot change your barbarian DNA. »

Israeli civilians ‘undoubtedly’ killed by their own security forces

The Grayzone website has compiled testimonies from Israelis who were trapped or who were able to escape, as well as from Israeli sources. On October 20, a journalist from the Israeli daily Haaretz visited Kibbutz Be’eri, one of those attacked by Hamas. There he meets Tuval Escapa. He had set up a telephone hotline to maintain the link between the inhabitants and the army, in the event of an attack… As the daily reports, “Despair set in as commanders on the ground made difficult decisions – including bombing the homes of their occupants in order to eliminate the terrorists as well as the hostages. ».

This is also confirmed by Yasmin Porat, who survived despite being captured with other Israelis in a house where she had taken refuge. Israeli civilians were ” without a doubt ” killed by their own security forces, she said. “They eliminated everyone, including the hostages. There was very, very violent crossfire. » and even from tanks.

This occurred when Israeli forces, alerted, engaged in fierce fighting with Palestinian fighters at Kibbutz Beeri and fired indiscriminately on the fighters and their Israeli prisoners. An I24 News journalist, who cannot be accused of anti-Israeli tropism, reported, during a visit to the same kibbutz of Beeri, a few days later: “picturesque little houses (which) have been bombed or destroyed” And “Well-kept lawns (which) have been torn up by the tracks of an armored vehicle, perhaps a tank”.

“Extremely difficult to distinguish a terrorist from a soldier or a civilian”

Haaretz also published information that the Israeli army had been “forced to request an airstrike” against the Erez crossing (the crossing point between Israel and Gaza) “in order to repel the terrorists” who had taken control of it. This base was then filled with officers and soldiers of the Israeli civil administration.

On October 15, the largest Israeli daily, Yedioth Aharanothclaimed that the Apache helicopter pilots who had intervened, “realized that it was extremely difficult to distinguish, in the outposts and occupied settlements, who was a terrorist and who was a soldier or a civilian… The rate of fire against the thousands of terrorists was enormous at beginning and, only at some point, pilots began to slow down attacks and carefully select targets. ». But for Yedioththe fault lies with the Palestinians, who were allegedly ordered to blend into the crowd of young rave party participants fleeing the horror.

Nothing in these testimonies obviously exonerates Hamas. But, between what is now revealed and the first statements, we see that it was above all a question of presenting a version so horrible and cruel that nothing could and should be excluded against such a group, thus avoiding the responsibilities of occupation, colonization and blockade imposed on a population of 2 million inhabitants, more than 13,000 of whom are believed to have been massacred today. A figure that is constantly increasing, while the war has lasted for almost fifty days without any glimmer of hope of a ceasefire or the release of Israeli captives.

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