Third Editions announces The Legend Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XII


Third Editions announces The Legend Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy XII

It’s been exactly 2 months to the day since we introduced you to Third Editions, a new publisher of books in the video game field. After four first books including one on Final Fantasy X, Third Editions continues to enrich its Final Fantasy legend collection with two new books.

Yesterday, the publisher revealed the first of the games to us on its Facebook page: The Legend Final Fantasy XII & Ivalice. An episode which is far from unanimous among fans of the license but which nevertheless has a very rich universe which was also exploited in the Nintendo DS game: Revenant Wings. So let’s hope that this book will do justice to the richness of this world. The book will be available in July 2015.

The icing on the cake for fans of the license, Third Editions announced today that a new volume is also planned: The Legend Final Fantasy VI. Much more popular, this is the last part not to have been released in Europe, until Squaresoft offered it in our country on PS1 then Game Boy Advance. A good opportunity to meet Terra and his companions from September 2015.

Regarding the old volumes, Third Editions announces that The Legend of Final Fantasy VIII and Final Fantasy IX should be available again in 2016.

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