“This is the final form”: the next Zelda game will not be a…


“This is the final form”: the next Zelda game will not be a…

In a new interview, Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has ruled out a direct sequel to Tears of the Kingdom.

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Link Trailer

When Tears of the Kingdom was announced as “The Sequel to Breath of the Wild”, many people wondered what a direct Zelda sequel would be like, since the series very rarely did that. Instead, a new Zelda game usually means a completely new world, mood, story, and gameplay approach.

But Tears of the Kingdom built on Breath of the Wild in stunning and surprising ways, making an incredible game even better (in my opinion). However, it seems that’s it for this part of the Zelda series, as the next game is apparently not expected to be another direct sequel.

Zelda Producer Rules Out Direct Tears of the Kingdom Sequel

In a new interview with Game Informer, producer Eiji Aonuma and director Hidemaro Fujibayashi spoke about the reception of Tears of the Kingdom and the series’ potential future. When asked about a direct sequel to the 2023 masterpiece, Aonuma laughed and outright denied the possibility of it happening:

Well, it would be a sequel to a sequel, which gets a little crazy when you think about it! But as I mentioned before, with Tears of the Kingdom we were looking to build on the world we had created with Breath of the Wild and really exhaust the possibilities of what we could put into that world. I think it’s – to use a slightly awkward term – an apotheosis, or the final form of this version of The Legend of Zelda. In that regard, I don’t think we’ll do a direct sequel to a world like that, which we created.

Earlier this year, Aonuma also denied that we would ever get the Tears of the Kingdom DLC, so that could have been the case. Although it’s a bit sad, at least they went out with a bang. And hey, no one likes good things too much. At least it looks like Nintendo could keep the open world approach of BOTW and TOTK and develop them further in new titles.

  • Zelda Totk 13 screenshot

    Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom format will continue with future Zelda games


Whatever Aonuma and his team do, I’m sure the next Zelda game will be amazing again. And I hope that the Switch 2 will be as powerful as rumored, so that the next game can really progress technically as well.

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