In the ultra-competitive world of video games, triple A, meaning the games with the highest development and promotion budgets, mainly attract the spotlight and crystallize expectations. However, the AAA label is not a guarantee of quality and the industry offers many more productions such as independent games. Although still rather discreet in the media spheres, the latter are increasing their market shares year after year, like the latest production from the Canadian studio Scavengers Studio: Season: A letter to the future. This video game, which steals the show Forspokenis available on PS5 but also PS4 and PC.

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Highlighting the exploration of the Tieng Valley, a mysterious land in the grip of a cataclysm that threatens to devastate it, the game allows you to play Estelle, a young woman whose desire is to document this world before its disappearance. Through intoxicating landscapes, the player can move on foot or by using a bicycle, an atypical gameplay addition which helps reinforce immersion by crossing the world proposed by the studio at their own pace.

As the exploration progresses, the history of the valley is revealed through the recording of melodies, listening to the colorful testimonies of its inhabitants as well as through the use of the camera. The poetry of architecture and places then finds an echo in the taking of these photographs which are integrated into a logbook, a sort of witness to your passage and reflection of the personality of its owner since he is, in party, customizable.

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