Who could have ever imagined a Pikachu in 18-carat yellow gold? This is now done thanks to Tiffany & Co. The famous American jeweler has just unveiled a Pokémon jewelry collection featuring the characters from the iconic video game created at the end of the 90s by Satoshi Tajiri. We owe this idea to the New Yorker Daniel Arshamone of Tiffany & Co’s recurring collaborators.

This multi-hat artist, who dabbles in sculpture as well as painting or drawing, invented his own concept of “future relics of the present” : that is to say objects which are the fruit of different artistic and cultural disciplines from around the world.

Iconic Pokémon characters revisited in precious jewelry

In this new collectionwe find the iconic figures of the Pokémon universe, such as Pikachu, Charizard or Mewtwo, transformed into sumptuous pieces of jewelry. Thus, a Pikachu necklace adorned with a pendant made in 18-carat yellow gold is adorned with sparkling diamonds for a style that is as elegant as it is original. Likewise, a ring depicting the features of Charizard is forged in white or pink gold set with precious stones in shimmering colors.

This exclusive collection therefore perfectly combines the enchanting world of Pokémon with the sophistication and know-how of Tiffany & Co. Fans of the famous fighting creatures will not be able to resist this fascinating line which offers a luxurious homage to the work of Tajiri .

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Finely finished jewelry

This new feature is not just reserved for Pokémon fans. The quality of the materials used and the attention to detail inherent in the expertise of Tiffany & Co will appeal to lovers of beautiful pieces of jewelry. Thanks to this collaboration with Daniel Arsham, each creation shines with its finesse and originality, while remaining faithful to the original characters.

  • Pikachu necklace in 18k yellow gold with sparkling diamonds
  • Charizard ring in white or pink gold set with precious stones
  • Mewtwo in polished sterling silver pendant
  • Squirtle cufflinks in platinum with sparkling sapphires
  • Charizard chain bracelet in rose gold with ruby ​​and diamond Moltres charm

A collaboration that reflects the evolution of Tiffany & Co and the talent of Daniel Arsham

This partnership between the American jewelry house and the New York artist is a real event in the world of luxury. Not only does it show that Tiffany & Co is capable of reinventing itself by offering ever more daring creations, but it also highlights the creative genius of Daniel Arsham.

Famous for his works blending different artistic disciplines, Arsham brings a unique touch to this collection with his futuristic approach to jewelry. His personal interpretation of Pokémon is thus anchored in the tradition of these “future relics of the present” dear to the artist. An undeniable success which proves, once again, the capacity for adaptation and constant innovation of Tiffany & Co.

Where to find the Pokémon collection from Tiffany & Co and Daniel Arsham?

All Pokémon fans and lovers of luxurious jewelry can now get this exclusive collection in Tiffany & Co boutiques as well as on their official website. It is strongly recommended that those interested do not delay, as this range risks generating enthusiasm and quickly running out of stock. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to acquire a piece of history uniting the enchanting world of Pokémon with the unrivaled know-how of Tiffany & Co, enhanced by the undeniable talent of Daniel Arsham.

Tiffany & Co stores:

  • Online Store : www.tiffany.fr
  • Tiffany & Co Paris – 6 rue de la Paix
  • Tiffany & Co Cannes – 63 Boulevard de la Croisette
  • Tiffany & Co Monaco – 25 Avenue de Monte-Carlo

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