The Computer Entertainment Software Association (CESA) announced that Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 has been extended until October 8, allowing visitors to continue experiencing Game Islands activities for an additional week. Originally, Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 was scheduled to last until October 1st.

The main theme of Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 centers on the floating islands of a virtual country high in the sky. While exploring this virtual world with a VR headset or smartphone, users can participate in special activities and follow new trailers from Tokyo Game Show 2023.

Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 extended

Until October 8, Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 users can continue to participate in the Stamp Rally Quest by watching videos and taking photos throughout the virtual venue. Visitors can also acquire avatars and advance the game’s storyline by completing quests. Additionally, CESA notes that something will happen after completing a certain number of quests.

Additionally, users at Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 have the ability to transform into avatars, which have access to a variety of spells from upcoming games. Attendees can visit the Game Tree Theater in the center of the Game Islands to watch trailers for upcoming games featured at Tokyo Game Show 2023.

Many partners made Tokyo Game Show VR possible this year. Here is the full list of companies involved in the event:

Technology partner: amber

Participating companies:

Imaginary Game Studios / CAPCOM / CharacterBank / Gugenka / Groove Fit Island! / KOEI TECMO GAMES / Godot Engine / GoRapid Studio / Konami Digital Entertainment / thatgamecompany Sky: The Children Who Weave Stars / Survios / Schell Games / SQUARE ENIX / SEGA/ATLUS / BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment / Polygonal Mind / Magic: The Gathering

Promotion Sponsors:

KEIRIN / Shangri-La Frontier / ZONe ENERGY / TV Asahi / HEBEL HAUS / Mirrativ / Meiji Yasuda Life Insurance Company / Monstercat / Unity Technologies Japan / Wide Fighter

Media partners:

TheGamer / Ghosts Scream / Famitsu / Mogura VR / Ruliweb

Finally, the Tokyo Game Show VR 2023 runs until October 8. Compatible devices include Windows PC, Meta Quest 2 (App Lab/Link function), Oculus Rift/Rift S, HTC Vive/Vive Pro series, Valve Index, iPhone and Android smartphones. . However, support may vary by device. VR is not required to participate in Tokyo Game Show VR 2023.

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