Wanderer’s Sword developer OTK Games and publisher Thermite Games have announced a narrative branching beat ’em up Inmate: Too good for school will be released in 2024 on PC via Steam. Inmate: Too good for school will support multiple languages ​​so players around the world can enjoy the new title.

Wanderer’s Sword was very well received on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Earlier this year, a physical edition of Wanderer’s Sword has been revealed, and the game’s next title will continue OTK Games’ momentum in 2024.

Inmate: Too good for school is full of action

In Inmate: Too good for school, players control a brave schoolgirl who has spent six months in juvenile detention. Her brother’s death provokes anger, and she will now unleash her aggression against the underworld denizens of Swinster City. Players will fight hordes of enemies in a fast-paced combat game and enjoy a huge selection of craftable weapons and accessories. The protagonist also has access to over 90 skills to unlock and upgrade. She can take classes to unlock new perks, train at gyms, and participate in part-time jobs and side quests to earn extra cash.

The heroine can also fall in love with one of eight romantic characters of multiple genders. Having dates allows him to unlock story scenes and a new ally in battle. These companions and other recruitable NPCs are essential in successfully completing difficult raids against Swinster City’s strongest adversaries. Players can vent their frustrations on normal citizens if they wish, but the police will be promptly notified.

Watch the new trailer below, via Thermite Games.

“What we kept hearing from the thousands of fans of our latest title The Vagrant is that they loved the combat, but wanted more options and things to do,” says Canlin Liu, Producer at OTKGames. “So we took the combat engine from The Vagabond and made it even better, with more creative ways to hit enemies and even more reasons to do so in an expansive world.

Lately, Inmate: Too good for school will be released on Steam for PC in 2024 with text and interface support for English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish (EU) and Portuguese (Brazil).

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