Kotobukiya has revealed the first full prototype of the officially licensed Tio Plato figure from The Legend of Heroes: Paths of Zero And Trails to Azure. This prototype was initially teased during the figure’s reveal a few months ago.

Last August, Nippon Ichi Software and Falcom released Nintendo Switch versions of The Legend of Heroes: Paths of Zero And Trails to Azure in Japan. These incredible turn-based RPGs allow Japanese players to experience the Crossbell saga before starting the Cold steel saga on Switch. Soon, Trails fans will be able to own a new figurine of Tio Plato, one of the four main members of Crossbell’s Special Support Squad.

Trails from scratch Tio Plato Scale Figure Prototype

THE Kotobukiya official Twitter account revealed the complete prototype of the next Trails from scratch Scale figure of Tio Plato. Tio can be seen in her iconic outfit from The Legend of Heroes: Paths of Zero And Trails to Azure. This will be the company’s first figure featuring a character from the Crossbell games. Kotobukiya decided to adapt her iconic outfit and appearance from the Crossbell games to commemorate the release of the duology on Nintendo Switch in Japan.

Check out the prototype below:

Trails fans can also expect an officially licensed scale figure of Estelle Bright from The Legend of Heroes: Paths in the Sky a trilogy is in preparation. A prototype of the new Trails The figurine is on display at the Wonder Festival 2022-2023 in Shanghai. More details on the Tio and Estelle figurines will be available soon.

Lately, The legend of heroes: the paths of reverie is available now on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC via Steam.

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