Transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24: Avoid It…


Transferring FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24: Avoid It…

Can FIFA Points from FIFA 23 be transferred to EA FC 24? We have all the news and leaks about FC Points in EA FC 24. A critical error could lead to the loss of your FIFA Points – we tell you how you can use your FIFA Points in the new game.

The successor to FIFA, EA FC 24, will also offer FIFA Points. You can even get them as a bonus when pre-ordering the Ultimate Edition. But how to transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to EA Sports FC 24?

Many FIFA players have felt the need to boost their FUT account by buying FIFA Points. Instead of going this route, we recommend that you check out some general trading tips and try to earn more coins without spending any money.

EA Sports FC 24: FIFA Points will be replaced by FC Points

Points will likely be called FC Points or FUT Points in the future, because the contract between EA and FIFA has expired, so the main source of income for North Americans must be renamed. So if you are looking FIFA Points in the future you will not find them.


FIFA Ultimate Team
ultimate soccer team
FUT Coins FC Coins
FIFA Points FC Points

The abbreviation “FUT” remains consistent with @Footy_Headlines recent update reports showing these names. #FIFA23 #WAS #EAFC

— Donk (@DonkTrading) May 8, 2023

It is understandable that some people consider buying FC Points at the start of EA FC 24 to improve their team for the Premier League weekend in the new game. If you find that you still have excess points in FIFA 23 , there is no need to be frustrated that you wasted money. You can transfer them to EA FC 24 without any problem.

There are no official details from EA on this yet, but transferring points has been possible in previous years. EA also makes the most money from FUT Points, and transferring between games unfortunately triggers gambling addiction in many players, who then can’t resist opening packs.

How to Transfer FIFA Points from FIFA 23 to EA FC 24

To redeem your FIFA Points from FIFA 23 in EA Sports FC 24, you need to login to your FUT account in EA FC 24. Unfortunately, you must wait until EA FC 24 is released on September 22 (Early Access) or September 29 (Standard Edition) to use your previously purchased FIFA Points in EA FC 24. In previous years, we could purchase FIFA Points in companion apps, but the exact details of where and how this will be possible this year are not yet known.

It is important to note that the transfer of FUT points is only possible within a family of consoles. This means you can not transfer your EA FC Points from PS5 to Xbox Series X/S or vice versa.

Important: If you want to play EA Sports FC 24 with a new accountthen you should spend all your remaining FIFA Points in FIFA 23 completely.

Furthermore, it should be noted that in-game currency transfer cannot be undone. Once you transfer them, you can no longer transfer them to FIFA 23. Keep in mind that the FC points cannot be refunded. So if you only try Early Access with EA Play and don’t buy the full game for example, you can’t get your money back for previously purchased FC Points.

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