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Transport: RATP launches an experiment with autonomous buses

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France 2 – F. Benbekai, P. Aliès, C. Destout

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RATP is launching an autonomous bus experiment in Val-de-Marne. Motion detectors and presence sensors are responsible for steering the vehicle.

A bus equipped with the latest technology travels the streets of Sucy-Bonneeuil(Val de Marne).Welcome aboard the 393, or rather its futuristic version. “The driver has no interaction with the steering wheel. He is not there only to control all on-board systems on the bus”said Mark HutchisonRATP guide.No more need for hands or feet, motion detectors and presence sensors now do the work, braking or correcting the trajectory if necessary.

A first, according to RATP

This is a first, according to the RATP, which is testing the Sucy Bonneuil in Créteil (Val de Marne). The public transport company did not communicate the amounts invested. “Today we have a project which aims to explore the conditions in which we can have an autonomous vehicle without an operator on board”declares Gilles Tauzin, director of innovation at RATP. An experiment is planned for the end of September with 17 seats plus the driver, or rather the driving assistant, in the event of a problem.

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Transport: RATP launches an experiment with autonomous buses

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