Twisted Metal is renewed for season 2 after a surprise…


Twisted Metal is renewed for season 2 after a surprise…

Twisted Metal proved to be a surprise hit for Pea___, prompting the streaming platform to renew the series for season 2.

Twisted Metal Season 2

Twisted Metal, the Pea___ adaptation of the long-running video game franchise, has been officially renewed for Season 2, following the surprising success of the series’ first installment at Pea___. So far, we don’t know much about the rest of the series, but The Game Awards gave us some exciting new information.

Before the series’ release, fans of the franchise and good entertainment were skeptical, to say the least. The first trailer looked a little goofy and like the showrunners didn’t understand what could make the series good. Glad to say this has been proven. Of course, the show is by no means exceptional, but it is definitely fun!

Season 2 of Twisted Metal will take place!

At this year’s Game Awards, Twisted Metal was nominated for Best Adaptation and although it didn’t win, Anthony Mackie used his chance in the spotlight to announce that the series had been given the green light for a another season on Pea___!

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This is not surprising, since the series turned out to be the most-watched comedy debut on the platform.

Pea___ then released a short trailer, letting Sweet Tooth break the news to us as well.

Season 1 set the stage for a new intercity pilot tournament, with Mackie’s character John Doe forced to compete for San Francisco. We’re obviously also expecting the return of Sweet Tooth to bring us a whole heap of carnage in the upcoming second season!

Overall, 2023 has been a great year for video game adaptations, with shows like The Last of Us, and we’re happy that Twisted Metal is a part of that and returning for more chaotic fun.

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