Since December 14, fans of Ubisoft’s flagship franchise have been able to follow the adventures of Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard, in the very first film from the saga. If he tells his own story, he does not forget to include numerous winks.

The various video game opuses are used to being accompanied by collector’s versions, and it is therefore logical that the French publisher uses the same strategy in cinema. From now on, you can buy the following goodies:

  • A Aguilar figurine with a height of 24 cm. Selling price : €49.95
  • A replica of Aguilar’s Secret Blade with a length of 30 cm. Selling price : €59.95
  • A Maria figurine with a height of 23 cm. Selling price : €49.95
  • A replica of the Apple of Eden with a height of 13 cm. It includes an LED system for lighting, but stock is currently out of stock. Selling price : €39.95.
  • A chest and the Apple of Eden, a pack which is limited to 2700 copies. Selling price : €119.95.

To see these goodies from every angle, we invite you to consult this trailer which includes extracts from the film:

Finally, if you want to make a dent in your wallet for your collection, or as part of a late Christmas present, you can go to the Ubisoft store.

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