If he is delighted with the return of long-term contracts, essential for electro-intensive industrialists, Nicolas de Warren would like EDF to offer them on a more distant horizon, over 10 to 15 years.

Better but still not enough. Guest of the morning of BFM Business, Nicolas de Warren returned to the EDF project to establish long-term contracts in the new market rules. “We, electro-intensive, have been talking about long-term contracts for years, recalled the president of the Union of energy-using industries (Uniden). Our industry was built on it, these long-term contracts existed in the 1980s. “The contracts disappeared partly because of the European Union and the lack of appetite of EDF, which had other customers to serve and considered that we were no longer a priority. »

“For electro-intensive workers, the issue of electricity is absolutely vital and today they need this long-term vision in the face of China and the United States. »

However, the duration envisaged by the CEO of EDF for these long-term contracts, from 5 to 10 years, is not suitable for electro-intensive structures which represent 40% of industrialists. “Luc Rémont will offer its products at the heart of the industry’s portfolio, which can settle for a 3 or 5-year approach,” he explained. We absolutely need contracts of 10 to 15 years, but for a volume that represents a maximum of 40 TWh. , on a net French production of 445 TWh last year: it is less than 10% so it is not the sea to drink from the point of view of EDF.

“We can’t do EDF’s work”

Nicolas de Warren determines four parameters to be taken into account in the calibration of contracts, namely the appetite for industrial operational risk, the financial risk in terms of leverage, the duration and finally the price. However, certain “red lines” have been identified by manufacturers in the production allocation contract proposal formulated by the energy company. “We cannot do EDF’s job, that is to say take the industrial risk, insisted the president of Uniden. We manufacturers assume our industrial risks, ie our operational, slowdown and optimization risks. »

“We cannot play the role of co-producer in relation to EDF. We are not in EDF’s black box. »

Regarding the price charged, the industrial representative expects a “tough” discussion even if he considers that he has not “yet entered the heart of a real negotiation process”. “I asked the Minister for us to have access to the production costs of nuclear energy as assessed by the Court of Auditors and the CRE, he added. It is an essential element of discussion which will make it possible to objectify the debate and to know what is at stake. reality of the cost of production because 85% of the costs are financial and linked to indebtedness. »

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