unions renounce strike at Christmas


unions renounce strike at Christmas

Only Sud-Rail wanted movement during the end-of-year holidays. After the other organizations (CGT, CFDT, Unsa), the union, isolated, decided not to call a strike.

The threat of a strike during the end-of-year holidays is receding. While three of the four representative organizations had already rejected the idea of ​​a movement for Christmas, Sud Rail has also given up on launching a strike this Wednesday.

The fracture in union unity within the SNCF has accelerated in recent hours. This Tuesday, the four representative organizations met to discuss the actions to be taken regarding the salary increases proposed by management.

Opposed to management’s agreement on salary increases for 2024, Sud-Rail (3rd union with 18% of the workforce) announced its desire to “build a powerful mobilization” on the subject, calling for union unity and to actions which could have led to major strikes during the Christmas holidays.

As we indicated last week, Sud-Rail’s appeal was not followed. According to the CGT, the inter-union agreed on Tuesday to put pressure on management so that it reopens negotiations on the question of wages at the beginning of 2024.

See you at the beginning of next year

The organization wants to take its time and wants unified pressure at the start of next year. But refuses to strike, just like the UNSA-Rail and the CFDT-Cheminots which both signed the employers’ proposal ratifying the agreement.

Only Sud-Rail still wanted movement during the end-of-year holidays. But after consulting its members this Wednesday, the organization decided not to call a strike in December alone.

However, the likelihood of actions from outside the unions cannot be ruled out either. Movement December 2022 massive had in reality been carried out by a collective of captains (controllers) independently of the unions. And there were many disruptions, preventing families from getting together at Christmas.

It will also be necessary to monitor the switchers, employees of SNCF Réseau, who denounce a significant understaffing and who could launch a specific movement at the beginning of December, before the end of year holidays.

“The French have the right to Christmas vacation. We must be able to spend a peaceful Christmas vacation with the family,” warned Clément Beaune, the Minister of Transport.

Olivier Chicheportiche Journalist BFM Business

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