Within the expansive world of Pokemon Go, trainers have recently encountered an unexpected issue with the latest Go Plus+ device. This device, which is crafted to work in tandem with the widely popular mobile game, is not without its drawbacks.

The highly-anticipated Go Plus+ device was recently introduced to a selection of trainers. Created with the purpose of catching wild Pokemon and collecting goodies from PokeStops, this device offers convenience by bypassing the need to scroll through a phone.

Despite its impressive functionality, a number of trainers have aired grievances over certain aspects of the Go Plus+’s features.

 The Disconcerting Features of Go Plus+

A salient concern raised by users is the absence of an option to disable the device’s light and vibration. This deficiency quickly became a focal point of frustration for the Pokemon Go community.

Unveiling the Go Plus+

Officially launched in the United States on July 14, some lucky trainers were able to acquire the Go Plus+ device ahead of time. However, it wasn’t long before an unexpected issue cropped up in outdoor environments.

A player took to Twitter to recount how the Go Plus+ would radiate lights akin to a disco ball each time it detected a nearby PokeStop or spawned Pokemon. To make matters worse, the persistent light and vibration failed to cease even when set to Silent mode.

 The Go Plus+ Developer’s Stance

It’s essential to mention that the developers of the device had been upfront about this issue. According to the official Pokemon Go Plus+ FAQs, the light feature is non-negotiable and cannot be switched off.

The same goes for vibration notifications linked to PokeStops and Pokemon spawns. The sole workaround for this inconvenience seems to be disabling notifications altogether.

Positive Reception Amidst Controversies

Regardless of the hiccups experienced with the device’s lights and vibration, the Go Plus+ has been met with a degree of positive feedback concerning its capabilities.

In fact, apart from enabling trainers to spin PokeStops, the Go Plus+ presents the opportunity to throw Great and Ultra Balls at wild Pokemon. It is compatible with Pokemon Sleep and incorporates a Special Research challenge in Go that offers a coveted Snorlax encounter as a reward.

In conclusion, while the new Go Plus+ device delivers on several fronts, its drawbacks need to be addressed for it to truly live up to the expectations of Pokemon Go trainers worldwide.

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