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Since the image has spread at great speed on the net, the artist responsible for the latter has updated his description by specifying “that it was ultimately in no way a Ubisoft project, and that it was not linked to any of the publisher’s licenses”. Hopes of a Ubi game in Japan are therefore dashed, unless the main interested party wanted to put out the fire for the moment.

Would you still like to see an Assassin’s Creed in Japan or a new IP by Ubisoft who would mix science fiction and Japanese environments?

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It is through this image that we discover the possible future game of Ubisoft, as evidenced by the accompanying description. In addition to being associated with an artist ofUbisoftthe snapshot is identified as ” concept art for an unannounced future project“.

For the time being, we will have to be satisfied with that since there is no other detail to put in our mouths. Nonetheless, this image hints at a sci-fi vibe, with a title that could be set in Japan. Seen this way, it looks like a new IP, but Ubisoft can always have a surprise in store for us.

Who knows, maybe Ubi’s “One More Thing” at E3 2018 will tell us more about this mysterious illustration.

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