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In some towns, CCTV cameras have been installed to fight against illegal dumping of garbage, a scourge for towns that costs them dearly in collection and cleaning. Example in Saint-Tropez (Var).

Illegal waste dumping has become recurrent in Saint-Tropez (Var). “This is waste that will have to be picked up by hand, that means staff that must be mobilized and paid”, laments an agent. Thus, since the beginning of July, the city has had a new surveillance system. These are three cameras installed on sites known for their illegal deposits.

More than 50 verbalization procedures have been launched

Equipped with intelligent software, the cameras signal to the agents of the seaside resorts of the Var the presence of waste outside the containers. Every day, a municipal police officer spends three hours analyzing the many reports sent. The device costs 20,000 euros for six months to the municipality, but it makes it possible to find the polluters in particular thanks to the license plate of their vehicle. In two months, more than 50 verbalization procedures have been launched.

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