VIDEO. A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway: behind the scenes of the new coup by demonstrators in Tarn

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VIDEO.  A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway: behind the scenes of the new coup by demonstrators in Tarn

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Today’s demonstration between Saint-Germain-des-Prés and Lempaut, which brought together around 1,000 opponents of the motorway, was the scene of a brief but large-scale action against the asphalting of Tarn roads, in campaign. We were there.

From black to white in an instant. The demonstrators gathered yesterday afternoon in Saint-Germain-des-Prés against the A69 motorway between Castres and Toulouse and the concreting of the roads had hidden their game well… in their backpacks. A white coat dropped by a hundred opponents a few minutes after the departure of the procession from the village school.

A first clue suggested that an action was being prepared: while the official route submitted to the prefecture was to connect the Saint-Germain school to that of Lempaut, the thousand demonstrators branched off in the middle of the countryside to the right while the path was supposed to be straight. Direction the A 69 construction site to invade the site of the future temporary coating plant which will be used to create the road surface, located in the town of Puylaurens.

The “white coats” had no difficulty in getting around the meager barrier of the gendarmes, whose numbers deployed were far from those of October 21 (1,600 police officers and gendarmes), for a demonstration which brought together around 8,000 people and was punctuated by clashes. between the two camps. We were far from it yesterday…

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VIDEO. A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway: demonstrators invade the site of a future bitumen power plant in Tarn

Moreover, the strike operation lasted only 30 minutes and everyone came down from the asphalt hill at the call of the organizers. At the same time, the gendarmes reacted and surrounded the demonstrators on their way back.

Two episodes of violence should be noted: the arson of a construction site bungalow and the damage to a car belonging to NGE, a subsidiary of the Atosca concession, responsible for the work. For its part, the Tarn prefecture specifies: “The police were subjected to stone throwing and smoke bombs from the demonstrators. The police were forced to respond with tear gas. “.

VIDEO. A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway: behind the scenes of the new coup by demonstrators in Tarn - 1

Nothing to report on the return, except the passage to the Lempaut school which will wait. A decoy and an invasion which had only a small effect on the procession, with demonstrators visibly delighted with their deception. The Tarn prefecture is gnashing its teeth: “Less than half an hour after departure, the 800 demonstrators engaged illegally by leaving the declared route and heading towards the future asphalt plant of the company NGE – Atosca (…) As a reminder, the demonstration was declared by Attac and the GNSA and was initially scheduled to take place between Saint-Germain-des-Près and Lempault. »

A burned bungalow and a damaged NGE car

The evening continued a little further, in Cambounet-sur-le-Sor, with a musical evening entitled “Du beat contre le bitumen”.

Report and testimonies in the procession in a good-natured spirit

Before the procession left, three little girls were placed in an old cattle truck. Make things calm and good-natured. There were also many, children, holding the hand of a parent. Valentine, Aurore and Léna, 5, 7 and 10 years old, from Cambounet-sur-le-Sor, have learned the lesson well: “We are friends, we are there in the hay bales so that the highway does not exist and we don’t want tar either, we’re going to show the sign we designed,” announces Léna, brandishing her “More pumpkins and butterflies, less concrete and tar.”

Their uncle Cédric, from Massaguel, is not far away; he is interested in agro-eco-climatology and has his own ideas on the subject. He summarizes: “Now look at the warming curve, nothing is going well. Mobilization will no longer change anything, but here we are. And the elected do not hear, they do not understand, they are seduced! The social pact is broken. » came to lend my support and I have never met as many scientists as here, within the framework of these demonstrations, who have long understood that all this is catastrophic! »

Stéphane and Chantal came from Gragnague to participate in the procession: “We try to be there when we can, we are quite impacted in our town. We are rather pessimistic about the behavior of our government… They don’t care. ” We! »

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VIDEO. A69 Toulouse-Castres motorway: behind the scenes of the new coup by demonstrators in Tarn - 3

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