“He slid his right hand towards my crotch, under my dress. » One of the plaintiffs in the story of a bachelor party that allegedly ended in a ___ual assault and aggravated assault in September 2022 recounted on Monday the actions that allegedly triggered the cascade of events.

The trial for ___ual assault of Martin Roussin-Bizier and for aggravated assault of Patrick Toussaint opened Monday at the Quebec courthouse.

Martin Roussin-Bizier, accused of ___ual assault for a bachelor party which ended badly on September 11, 2022. His friend Patrick Toussaint is accused of serious assault in this case. Credit; Pierre-Paul Biron, Journal de Québec

Pierre Paul Biron

(VIDEO) Attack on Saint-Joseph: an evening of celebration which would have ended in attacks

Patrick Toussaint, accused of serious assault for a bachelor party which ended badly on September 11, 2022. His friend Martin Roussin Bizier is accused of ___ual assault in this case. Credit; Pierre-Paul Biron, Journal de Québec

Pierre Paul Biron

The two friends celebrated Roussin-Bizier’s bachelor party on the night of September 10 to 11, 2022.

According to the crown’s claims, Martin Roussin-Bizier allegedly touched two young women who were taking photos with him while he was disguised as a woman. Then, a friend of the two alleged victims confronted the accused. While trying to hit him in the face, he received a violent blow to the head from Patrick Toussaint with a metal cane.

Touched in the crotch

The first witness heard, one of the two young complainants, who was celebrating her birthday that evening, came to recount the actions that Martin Roussin-Bizier allegedly took against her.

According to her account, she was with her partner on a sidewalk waiting for a group of friends. It was there that the two accused, accompanied by a third individual, arrived on the scene. A friendly discussion began and the idea of ​​taking a photo with the future groom dressed as a woman was quickly launched. The latter allegedly insisted that the young woman “touch her fake breasts”.

(VIDEO) Attack on Saint-Joseph: an evening of celebration which would have ended in attacks

Screenshot – Video submitted as proof

“For the photo, he placed his arm behind me, with his hand on my upper thigh, directly on my skin. He raised his hand and grabbed my right buttock,” the young adult recounts with emotion. “He slid his hand towards my crotch, very close to my ___. »

Frozen, the complainant said on Monday that she closed her fists to stop herself “from screaming, from crying”.

On a video of the moment the photo was taken as evidence, we see the young woman clenching her fist, without seeing what is happening behind her.

“I didn’t consent at all”

After the photo, his companion continued to chat with Martin Roussin-Bizier’s two friends. The latter would have taken the opportunity to touch her breast.

“I took a step back and he said to me, ‘I’m entitled to that because you touched him earlier,’” she testified of the costume’s fake breasts. ‘accused.

“That doesn’t give him the right. I didn’t consent at all. »

Later that evening, talking about what happened with friends, the young woman said she learned that one of her friends had had a similar experience with Roussin-Bizier. It was at that moment that a friend allegedly started chasing the trio of partygoers.

When she saw this friend again, he was sitting on a bench, his face bloody, she told judge Sarah-Julie Chicoine in tears.

Violent blow to the head

In a video presented as evidence filmed by a witness, images which had already been published on social networks, we can clearly see what caused the young man’s injuries.

Visibly angry at what allegedly happened, but also drunk, the young complainant tries to attack Martin Roussin-Bizier, but is held back by Patrick Toussaint, who tells him to “calm down”.

(VIDEO) Attack on Saint-Joseph: an evening of celebration which would have ended in attacks

Screenshot – Video submitted as proof

At one point, the young man manages to free himself from Toussaint and attacks the man who was disguised as a woman that evening, putting a right hand in his face. It was there that Patrick Toussaint violently hit him in the head with a metal cane which was used in his friend’s disguise.

The video shows the victim violently collapse to the ground and the suspects flee the scene.

Scheduled for 6 days

The trial of the two friends from the Thetford Mines region is scheduled for six days.

The crown must in particular make the second alleged victim of ___ual assault heard, in addition to the young man who received the blow to the head.

Martin Roussin-Bizier faces two counts of ___ual assault, while Patrick Toussaint faces a charge of aggravated assault.

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(VIDEO) Attack on Saint-Joseph: an evening of celebration which would have ended in attacks

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