VIDEO. Rugby: “The transformation of the century!” » The incredible “own camp” of a Scottish player on an opposing attempt

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VIDEO.  Rugby: “The transformation of the century!”  » The incredible “own camp” of a Scottish player on an opposing attempt

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The Scottish rugby match between Gala Wanderers and Hawick Youth ended in a draw (33-33) following an improbable “own goal” from the visitors’ scrum-half.

It’s a scene you’ve probably never seen. At the very end of the match between Gala Wanderers and Hawick Youth (Eosse) and while the locals were leading (33-26), they conceded a corner try. So far, everything is normal.” The Gala scorer’s transformation is attempted but it is much too short and was even going to bounce before the goal line…

Except that Hawick’s scrum half, surely happy with his opponent’s failure and the looming victory, runs towards the ball and volleys it. His recovery, missed, finally slips between his posts. In total incomprehension, the sideline referees, who had anticipated the missed kick and signaled the failure by waving their flag, one of them reversed his trajectory and validated this transformation.

And the transformation is indeed valid as confirmed in article 8.17 on World Rugby: “If the opposing team touches the ball and the attempt is successful, the goal will be awarded”. A huge ball from the Hawick scrum-half which costs his team the victory and gives his opponents a draw.

The transformation of the CENTURY??

-Gauthier Baudin (@GauthierBaudin) September 30, 2023


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