Vilebrequin, it’s over: in tears, Pierre and Sylvain announce the end of the chain

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Vilebrequin, it’s over: in tears, Pierre and Sylvain announce the end of the chain

Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy announced the end of their channel Crankshaft this Thursday, December 7. Launched in 2017, this YouTube channel devoted to automobiles quickly grew, now gathering more than 2.5 million subscribers. The two friends now wish to turn to other projects, which they have not specified at the moment.

The path traveled

  • Creation of the channel in 2017 by Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy.
  • Gathering 2.5 million subscribers in just a few years.
  • Production of videos on their passion for automobiles.
  • The Merguez Tuning Show
  • The Multipla or Milletipla, vehicle financed via crowdfunding

The reasons behind this brutal and unexpected decision

Several elements could explain the abrupt end of Vilebrequin:

Different objectives

In their farewell video, Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy emphasized that their visions of life had become different. This could be because they now have different goals and want to focus on their personal lives.

A need to step back

The duo announces that they are withdrawing before it is too late. After 5 years of intense activity, this decision could be an opportunity for them to put a little distance between their passion for automobiles and the demands of producing videos on YouTube. Too much workload, not enough structure, and accumulated fatigue made them realize that a break was necessary on this channel.

New projects

  • The Top Gear project on RMC Découverte and Prime in early 2024
  • An arrival on Twitch that is coming
  • A personal format for Sylvain on Youtube, centered around car testing

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A striking and memorable end for the Vilebrequin chain

This announcement had the effect of a bomb on the French and automotive media landscape. This ending is difficult to digest for some, but it also marks an important chapter in the history of YouTube in France.

Pierre Chabrier and Sylvain Levy are putting an end to their Vilebrequin chain after 5 years of dazzling success. We wish them good luck in their future projects.

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