War in Ukraine: why does the price of eggs worry the Kremlin and is it becoming a national issue in Russia?

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War in Ukraine: why does the price of eggs worry the Kremlin and is it becoming a national issue in Russia?

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Russian authorities are concerned about the surge in the price of eggs in the country (+40% in one year) as the end-of-year holidays approach. A direct consequence of the international sanctions imposed on Moscow since the start of the war in Ukraine.

Egg prices increased in November by 40.29% year-on-year, according to the Russian Statistics Agency (Rosstat), exceeding 100 rubles (around 1 euro) per ten in several Russian regions, an unprecedented increase. The Russian Veterinary and Phytosanitary Agency (Rosselkhoznadzor) in response authorized the import of eggs from Turkey on Friday, and the Russian Ministry of Agriculture proposed banning the export of eggs for six months.

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Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov last week ordered his subordinates to launch checks in the regions at producers and sales outlets regarding a possible unjustified increase in prices.

Crowd scenes queuing

Egg price inflation led to unusual scenes on Saturday, with crowds queuing for eggs at an agricultural fair in the southern Belgorod region as prices there were much lower than in supermarkets, according to officials. videos that have gone viral on social media.

A several meter long queue for chicken eggs lined up in the Russian town of Belgorod.

Local residents began queuing at the agricultural fair from 7 a.m., where a dozen eggs could be purchased for 78 rubles ($0.9).

Similar lines were seen last weekend at the Farmers Market in… pic.twitter.com/uJlx1x0Pio

– Anton Gerashchenko (@Gerashchenko_en) December 10, 2023

“So that everyone can buy eggs, it was decided to only sell two dozen eggs per person,” the regional vice-governor, Yulia Chtchedrina, had to react to this rush. “There is no shortage (…) there will be eggs for everyone,” she further assured, on Telegram.

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Return to the Soviet past?

Fear of shortage takes us back to Soviet times, when queuing and scrambling to buy basic food items was a daily challenge. According to experts cited by Russian media, the rise in egg prices is due to the increase in the cost of poultry feed and veterinary products, an indirect consequence of the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia since February 2022 and the assault on Ukraine. .

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Inflation, which accelerated in November to 7.48% over one year, according to figures published Friday by Rosstat, is increasingly eroding the purchasing power of Russians, already undermined by sanctions and the weakness of the ruble.

The price of eggs is closely scrutinized by Russian families in December, as eggs and mayonnaise are the central ingredients of end-of-year holiday meals, including Olivier salad.

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