Warzone 2 Devs Address Season 5 Night Vision Bug


Warzone 2 Devs Address Season 5 Night Vision Bug

Warzone 2 developers have taken notice of a troublesome bug that surfaced during Season 5, causing players to experience disorientation due to night vision issues.

Nighttime Multiplayer Maps and NVG Mode

Back in 2019, Modern Warfare introduced the innovative concept of nighttime multiplayer maps, featuring a dedicated playlist with night versions of different environments. Players were equipped with night vision goggles (NVG) throughout the matches, and all weapons could only fire with laser sights for added realism.

The subsequent release, Modern Warfare 2, extended the experience by incorporating an NVG mode in Season 3. Accompanying this update was the introduction of the Black Gold map, where players were thrust into pitch-black darkness and had to rely solely on their night vision goggles to navigate and fight effectively. The DMZ map was also updated to include night vision goggles, enriching the gameplay further.

Unintended NVG Addition in Warzone 2 Season 5

Surprisingly, night vision goggles were not initially featured in Warzone 2. However, a Season 5 bug unintentionally introduced NVG to the game mode.

Well-known Warzone 2 streamer, Speros, encountered this glitch while playing a solo match on Al Mazrah. The bug caused his operator to continually equip and unequip the night vision goggles whenever he accessed his inventory, leading to immense frustration. Speros expressed his exasperation, stating, “I am going to lose my mind. I can’t even go into my backpack without putting on night vision goggles.”

As a consequence of the bug, Speros’s gameplay was adversely affected, resulting in an untimely demise and leaving him bewildered by the experience.

Prompt Response from Warzone 2 Devs

Thankfully, the Warzone 2 development team quickly acknowledged the issue. In a statement, they said, “We’re actively investigating the issue causing unintended acquisition of Night Vision Goggles in BR.”

To keep players informed on the bug-fix progress, Warzone 2 has established an official Trello Board where updates will be posted. As of now, Raven Software, the developers of Warzone 2, has not disclosed a specific timeline for resolving the bug.

Rest assured, we will promptly update the community once the patch is released. In the meantime, players will have to cope with this vexing bug until an official solution is implemented.

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Warzone 2’s Season 5 introduced an unexpected challenge with the night vision bug, causing disorientation among players. While the glitch might be frustrating, the development team is actively investigating the issue to provide a resolution soon. As players wait for the patch, they can stay informed through the official Trello Board and keep themselves updated with the latest news via our newsletter. Let’s hope for a swift fix so players can fully enjoy the Warzone 2 experience without any unintended hindrances.

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