The vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region, Franck Dhersin, welcomes Emmanuel Macron’s proposal on condition that the financing of the “Railway Pass” is taken care of by the State.


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The President of the Republic often has very good ideas, but he must above all stop having ideas with the dough of local communities“, reacted Tuesday, September 5 on franceinfo Franck Dhersin, vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region in charge of mobility, to Emmanuel Macron’s proposal to set up a ” Train ticket at a single rate on the German model in the regions of France.

“I applaud. If he puts in the money needed to prevent the regions from continuing to run up debt, I say congratulations Mr. President, let’s go! »

Franck Dhersin, vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region

on franceinfo

However, Franck Dhersin recalled that “the regions pay for the train ticket“. The Hauts-de-France spend 530 million euros to run 1,250 TER every day for 180 million euros in revenue. ” We subsidize the train ticket up to 75%, ie people only pay barely 25% of the real price of the ticket. And still often, companies pay half of this 25%“, Details the chosen one.

This ” Train ticket will inevitably generate less revenue and that worries him. Franck Dhersin takes the example of the German government: ” When he decided to roll out the €49 pass across Germany, he supported the move. He did not let the Länder finance this. I say to the president of the Banco Republic! But it’s your idea and you fund it.

Crowded trains?

The vice-president of the Hauts-de-France region fears “a windfall effect“, drawing inspiration once again from the German example. »When they put this in place there was an immediate influx of travelers and they had great difficulty in the first few months transporting people.“, he explained. ” Travelers will find themselves a bit like in the metro, during rush hour” , he added. To cope with this influx, it will be necessary to buy trains. ” We will have to buy several dozen trains to be able to transport this surplus of people. However, today, when you want to buy a train, there is a four-year delay before it is delivered.” , he said. A train costs between 17 and 18 million euros.

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