Huawei’s alternative to Google Maps is starting to reach some users in beta: Petal Maps can now be downloaded to a selected group of mobiles. We have tested the application: we will tell you what it is like and what you can expect from it. We also explain how to download it if you have a Huawei Android.

Faced with the impossibility of accessing Google services and applications, Huawei has been developing its own alternatives. With HMS Core he got a way to bring your mobile services to a large number of smartphones, same as with Petal Search, your take on Google search (and app installer). And with petal Maps Huawei has achieved a great alternative to Google Maps, its operation is at a very good level. We have checked it.

Petal Maps, Maps and GPS Guided Navigation

Lacking Google Maps is one of the great drawbacks for the owners of a modern Huawei, not for nothing the application of maps has become almost a standard. It is true that Huawei’s AppGallery store has several quality alternatives, such as Here WeGo or TomTom Go Navigation, but the gap left by not having Google Maps reinstalled is large. Y Petal Maps covers you in a more than acceptable way.

Petal Maps is in beta version for some Huawei phones that have HMS Core with version 5.0 or higher. The available version is still somewhat limited, but it offers full access to maps and also GPS navigation, the two essential functions in an app of its kind.

We have been testing the location on the map and the navigation without having found notable problems: Petal Maps works as expected. It has a simple interface, the maps are perfectly legible, they have real-time traffic thanks to TomTom data (there are no more layers at the moment), favorite locations can be saved (by default Petal Maps brings work and home, two addresses that can be defined) and, as we said, point-to-point navigation with voice guidance is also included.

Petal Maps amply covers the functions of location on the map and point-to-point navigation through voice directions

Petal Maps is not anywhere near as complete as Google Maps, Huawei does not claim it either. It does offer what a user needs from a map application: to tell them where they are, where is any other point on the map and how to get to that point step by step. Petal Maps delivers.

No business recommendations, but with all the basics

If we talk about functions we have to admit that Google has made Maps a gigantic application. In fact, we could almost say that the maps function is the least of it since Google Maps focuses the experience on business and user activity. Recommendations are one of the basic functions, Google Maps has evolved towards a social environment rather than a purely informative application as far as maps are concerned.

Petal Maps is a clean map app, without superfluous options, an application that offers locations and navigation, nothing more. Although nothing less, Huawei has achieved a mobile software that is perfect to find any place in the world and navigate with the car to it. Yes for now no public transport or walks, we will see how it evolves.

We can search for a specific place in the world by receiving suggestions in the search bar, accessing the traffic layer to visualize road congestion in real time, we have the lower menu ‘Directions’ to start GPS navigation and a tab labeled ‘I’ that offer access to profile information. And ready.

Without downloading maps to use offline or the advanced GPS navigation options, Petal Maps loses possibilities, but surely Huawei will add it in the future

Petal Maps is still very basic, but it is also a beta, so Huawei has enormous room for improvement. We must refrain from knowing extended business information (it does include POIs by categories), we do not have satellite or public transport layers, Petal Maps does not allow downloading maps to be used offline and GPS navigation is very limited (it does not even include an option to avoid tolls). Huawei will expand the possibilities with future updates.

A great approach to Google Maps

We have already seen that Petal Maps is quite basic even though it offers what is necessary to be considered a good map and navigation application. There are other more complete options in AppGallery, such as Here WeGo or TomTom Go Navigation, but as a first approach Huawei has not achieved a bad application. It is perfect for those who do not need advanced use of maps.

Petal Maps is currently available for the Huawei P40 and Huawei P30, also for the new Huawei Mate 40. However, you can download the APK and use it on your Huawei mobile without having to be one of those mentioned. We have tested Petal Maps successfully on an Honor Play: you can download the file from this link (via Huawei Blog). The official AppGallery file is here.

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